Midnight Sun (2023)

“Midnight Sun” is out now.

We feel it’s the result of a long time playing with our identity. Many things have changed in how we work and perceive our music in this record. First of all, we believe we’ve found a unique blend of many different styles, yet forming a cohesive whole that is distinctly ours. In this record, we want anyone to become part of the project, enjoying and being part of the songs regardless of the genre they typically listen to. Moreover, this album has allowed us to compose in a completely different way, building songs around the vocals and melodies, making it easier to connect with people. Expressive harmonies, catchy choruses, and, at the same time, our usual gutturals have allowed us to have a chromatic range we are especially proud of. Additionally, we’ve played with the sound design in the instrumental and introduced a new electronic element that played a significant role in this album, and we are particularly pleased because it opens up a new harmonic and sonic richness. Each song is a completely different world, with a distinct tone and a unique intention. It’s an entertaining and lighthearted album that we want people to listen to as many times as they want, discovering new nuances with each play.

1. Darkest Times
2. Neon Misery
3. Your Skin
4. Pray For The Devil
5. The Hunger
6. The Storm
7. Days Are Fading
8. When The Sun Goes Down